Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett
Ensemble Peregrina


1 Gaudeat ecclesia (Rondellus) 00:02:27
2 Sanctissimo pontifici (Conductus) 00:02:19
3 Nicholaus pontifex (Rondellus) 00:03:40
4 St. Godrich songs 00:03:48
5 Alleluia. Nobilissimis siquidem 00:02:10
6 Incomparabiliter (Versus) 00:03:54
7 Ave presul alme (Hymnus) 00:03:36
8 Gaudens in domino / Jube domine (Conductus) 00:02:44
9 Benedicamus regi sydereo (Benedicamus-Tropus) 00:02:32
10 Alleluia. Tumba sancti Nycholai 00:02:18
11 Nicholaus inclitus 00:03:02
12 Ora pro nobis, beate Nicolae (2stg. polyphoner Versikel) 00:02:16
13 Ex eius tumba V. Catervatim (Responsorium und Prosula) 00:04:57
14 Salve cleri Salve iubar (4stg. Motette) 00:02:22
15 Sancto Dei Nicolao (Versus) 00:03:07
16 Gaudens in domino (2stg. Conductus) 00:02:51
17 Stampede 00:03:42
18 Exultemus et letemur (2stg. Versus) 00:02:16
19 Alleluia. Fac veniale tuis 00:02:24
20 Nicholai presulis (3stg. Conductus) 00:02:52
21 Nicholai sollempnia (3stg. Benedicamus-Tropus) 00:01:42
22 Celica siderei (Sequenz) 00:05:28
23 Qui cum audissent V. Clara quippe (Responsorium und Prosula) 00:02:45
24 Benedicamus Domino (3stg. Conductus) 00:01:06
25 Benedicamus devotis mentibus (2stg. Benedicamus-Tropus) 00:00:46
26 Benedicamus devotis mentibus (Benedicamus-Tropus) 00:00:54
27 Benedicamus devotis mentibus (3stg. Benedicamus-Tropus)

{soundFile=,,,,, Gaudeat ecclesia (Rondellus) 00:02:27 ,2 Sanctissimo pontifici (Conductus) 00:02:19 ,3 Nicholaus pontifex (Rondellus) 00:03:40 ,4 St. Godrich songs 00:03:48 ,5 Alleluia. Nobilissimis siquidem 00:02:10 ,6 Incomparabiliter (Versus) 00:03:54 }

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In the middle ages, the reverence for Saint Nicolas was not limited to the Christmas season, as it is today. It is unlikely that he would have become the patron saint of sailors and other professions, had this been the case. TACET's new CD will come out before December 6th, but it is certainly not meant to be limited to that date. Thus it is not surprising that ensemble Peregrina found a great number of songs on their search for Nicolas. In putting together this program it was a great advantage to have within the ensemble, which has already received an ECHO for its work, and within its network musicologists who know where to look, how to read and interpret the sources and how to perform the music. The music of the middle ages is strangely fascinating. Often appearing seemingly simple, monodic or reduced to basic rules of polyphony, it can induce a calm in the listener that can hardly be found anywhere today. Complicated things all of a sudden seem senseless. Of course one can try to use WhatsApp at the same time. However, the hectic typing is likely to slow down and eventually stop altogether in view of the strong attraction of these ancient sounds and the enormous spaces of time. How many generations have passed since the creation of these melodies? It is to be hoped that many listeners will turn on this music. It is impossible to turn it off anyway. Ensemble Peregrina Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett - Gesang, Harfe, Leitung Kelly Landerkin - Gesang Hanna Järveläinen - Gesang Baptiste Romain - Vielle ************************ Künstlerische Qualität: 9 Klangqualität: 10 Gesamteindruck: 9

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